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3. June Р8. July & 21. October Р25. November 2019

Program Overview

The Sprit of Yoga provides Yoga TTCs to committed students in an empowering environment with an authentic voice, translating the ancient wisdom of yoga into our modern-day lives. This course will help you to feel confident and inspired to teach yoga as you will receive all necessary practical tools and knowledge for intelligent classes. We offer you a non-dogmatic teacher training with a strong foundation in mindful, breath-guided vinyasa and chakra yoga practice. You will learn different meditation and pranayama techniques to enrich your classes, as well as being introduced to kriya, bandha and mantra practice.

You will start to teach from the first week and receive ongoing constructive feedback, as well as practice to cue and adjust in a clear and supportive way in order to be empowered to lead your own classes after the training.

In order to become an authentic yoga teacher who guides classes from a heart-based space, we found that self-development is an essential part of this path. That is why it is so important for us to introduce you to various modalities that focus on connecting with your gifts and uniqueness such as energy work, compassionate communication & authentic relating, voicework, Innerdance, transformational breathwork, cacao ceremonies & dance mandalas etc. After this training you will be able to translate your uniqueness into your classes in an authentic way.

Community, authenticity, transparency and meeting everyone at eye level are our core values. We are a team of four teachers whose paths have crossed here on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand on our yoga journey. We have all dedicated our journeys, our lives to look within to always find our truth, our Satya, and together, we created this program for you to experience yourself as yourself.

Over these five weeks we will invite you to enter the space within yourselves, to connect, to feel deeply what is true for you and to translate that into your life on and off the mat as both the teacher and the external student. We hold this space for you to really dive deep within and translate that energy as an expression of who you are and to share these beautiful teachings so that others also can reconnect with what is true for them.

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