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What is the meaning of the name of our school – Gaia Yogashala?

In Greek mythology, Gaia (gay-ə, or gah-yə) is the ancestral mother of all life, the primal Earth Mother and personification of unconditional love, abundance, and wisdom. The connection with the energy of Gaia supports us in grounding ourselves and embodying our wisdom and gifts, as she brings about a sense of deep trust and connection.

In Vedic Sanskrit, Yoga (from the root Yuj) means “to add”, “to join”, and it can take on meanings such as “connection” or “union”.
Shala is a Sanskrit word which means “home”, “abode”. A Yoga Shala is a “home of yoga”. It is a gathering place for students to practice, share, experience and grow.

Gaia Yogashala is a space of growth, rest and connection – with ourselves and with other beings. It emphasizes the return to a more natural ways of living – it is a space that allows us to come closer to Nature. It symbolizes arriving back Home to our own true nature, to our Selves, with the support of a community where we all meet at eye level, walking our individual path within a group of like-minded souls.


Gaia Yogashala started as beautiful co-creation between Tal Swissa and Ajay Makhija in 2015. Tal and Ajay were two friends who shared a dream of creating a high-quality yoga studio on the magical isle of Koh Phangan. Or perhaps the island strived to create a beautiful energetic space of healing, and just used them to make it happen. Who knows how Life works, eh? 🙂

Gaia was born as a Yoga Centre on Bovy beach, Srithanu, with a beautiful, inspiring community of volunteers, students, and teachers offering yoga and other classes, such as dance, massage, meditation, Tantra, journeys, and workshops. The entire process of meeting, connecting, instantly, deciding to create this space, setting it up, and running it was a whirlwind of synchronicity, magic, and growth for both Tal and Ajay.
Tal was the heart and face of the school, curating the schedule of teachers and facilitators of the studio’s drop-in classes, teaching packed yoga classes daily, and leading the school’s Alignment Yoga Teacher Training programs – journeys of deep transformation and practical experience of yoga.

Along the way, Tal and Ajay’s paths diverged – with Ajay taking time to answer a deeper soul call to further explore his personal journey, and Tal birthing a new yoga school of her own in the form of Alignment Yoga and Yoga Therapy at the Luna Alignment Yoga School. Tal’s program is an excellent one, and we highly recommend it. For more information re Luna’s Alignment Yoga, please visit: https://www.lunaalignmentyoga.com/

Gaia Yogashala went through a cycle of hibernation, and is now being reformed as a new avatar with the unique offering of The Spirit of Yoga teacher training course.

Testimonials for Gaia’s Alignment Yoga Teacher Trainings 2016-2018

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