Frequently Asked Questions

Am I ready for this Yoga Teacher Training?

We highly recommend you tho have a regular yoga practice of at least 2 years before taking this training, good health, and to check in with yourself if you are able to go through the entire 5 weeks of training. This is physically and mentally a demanding program.

Will I be ready to teach after this program?

Yes, however we see this is as the beginning of your Yoga journey. If you feel that you are not ready to teach a class, we recommend you to teach in a safe environment – friends, colleagues, and continue to study further and deepen your own practice. This is the best path to being a teacher, and the best teachers never stop being students!

I want to enroll in this course to further my own practice, and not to teach. Is this ok?

Yes, this is also an option as we focus a lot on self-development. Although this is an in-depth course to deepen one’s understanding and self-practice of yoga. This course is set up to equip students to be able to teach. Students will teach for some time in the course as part of the curriculum.

Are books and materials included in the prices specified on the website?

All teaching materials including your manual are included. Yoga mats are not. While we have yoga mats, we insist that you bring a personal mat.

Will I be able to practice teaching yoga as a part of this training? How many hours?

Yes, you will start to practice teaching yoga from the first week.

How many students will be in this course?

We expect 15 to 20 students.

What is the average age of the students?

All ages, from 18 to 60.

How do I secure my place on the Course?

You need to make a 50% deposit do safe your spot. Full payment is due 45 days before the course start date.

Will I need a laptop or any electronic device for this Training?


What happens if I miss a class?

You need to let  us know why. We expect students to be committed and interested in the material thought and to be present for every class. If we notice you miss class regularly we might not be able to give you your certificate.

Is there an examination at the end of the course?


What happens if I don’t pass the examination?

Students receive extra tutoring and receive another attempt at their tests. If students don’t pass once again, they will get a certificate of participation, but not a Yoga Alliance certification.

Should I bring my own yoga mat?

Yes, all students NEED to bring their personal Mat. Also students are welcome to bring their own strap & sweat towel.

What else should I bring?

Lots of comfortable clothes for practice, bathing suit, something warm in case it gets cold (riding a bike), torch or phone flashlight, general holiday and beach paraphernalia. You’d be surprised to find the 7/11 is stored with a variety of good quality toiletries.

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