The Spirit of Yoga Teacher Training Course

We welcome you to our high-quality Yoga teacher training program. Below you will find a brief overview with links to more information.

Yoga-Alliance Certified

Keeping the quality by standards
  • Our Yoga Alliance Certified Spirit of Yoga Training represents a comprehensive presentation of yoga as a vehicle to promote health and a discipline, providing genuine well-being. The program runs for 5 weeks and is oriented towards the practical, as well we will be sharing a range of modalities outside traditional yoga but maintaining and weaving in the thread that ties them all together. You will start practicing teaching from week one, learn about physical anatomy in detail, have sessions in Therapeutic Touch, correct postures for each asana, how different body types need different adjustments, within the traditional part of the course.

  • And you will meet your self in meditation, pranayama, shamanic breathwork and inner dance practices, conscious movement and ecstatic/meditative dance mandalas, spend time in nature, share, connect and explore intimacy with similarly frequencied human Beings.
  • In this training program, you will learn the underlying principles of asanas as the foundation of physical, emotional and spiritual layers. This allows you to begin your practice confidently with an extensive toolbox of yoga methods, approaches, and techniques along with the ability to evaluate individual needs and adapt yoga practices accordingly.
  • You will learn the underlying principle of yoga as the foundation for all that comes under it - the asanas, the meditations, the self, the heart - the spiritual and energetic layers of your bodies. We create a transformational program which first as foremost meets you and provides you with a deep journey of growth, one that pertains to today's day and age, instead of more rigid systems.
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Who is this course for?

What sets us apart from other TTCs
  • A lot of yoga TTCs are put together, putting more importance on the material nature than the spiritual nature of a program. 
  • The purpose is also to take the essence of the practice of Yoga, and adapt it to the modern world - the practices themselves don't take into account how we use cell phones, and technology for instance and how they affect us, being such an integral part of our modern lives.
  • Also there are so many other practices and modalities from traditions, cultures and timelines that all are complementary to the Spirit of Yoga. From Shamanism, Breathwork, Music, Chanting, Energy work, New Age Traditions and much more. Through our 4 teachers, we have spent the better part of 40 years combined exploring all of these - and we seek to bring together a synthesis, with a strong core running through it, but with also a lot of flexibility and systems that are available to suit different human beings, and what resonates with them and WHAT WORKS.
  • So in this way, we are trying to retain the original Spirit of the Yogis and update it the wisdom from other traditions, and from newer systems as well.

What people say about Gaia

  • "Wow! There are so many positive words to say about my experience at Gaia Yoga Shala! Prior to arrive at Gaia I was feeling out of sorts and I realized that this was not a great place to be in as a Yoga teacher! During the course I gained such a deep understanding of myself as a Yoga teacher and was able to let go and transform personally and professionally. I really appreciate the amazing teachers at Gaia. They taught me how to hold space and participate in Yoga with love and a therapeutic intention. They also held space so that I could heal. I highly recommend this TTC because it is challenging, therapeutic, and has the potential to change you from the inside out."
  • " From the deepest parts of my soul, thank you for an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime. There are so many lessons that I will be reflecting on for the rest of my life. The Universe does not have enough space for the amount of gratitude I have for this journey with you'll. Keep spreading this unique energy here at Gaia! Love oozes out of every pore of this place."
  • "I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to live in paradise for 4 weeks, advance my yoga practice, discover myself & most of all - to learn so much from you & develop the skills to be a great yoga teacher. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! This experience was life changing & i can say for sure that i'm leaving here as a better version of myself! You all inspire me to grow, practice yoga everyday and to be present always, but especially with my future students. I strive to be as passionate & inspirational as each of you when i teach."
  • "I was so blessed to choose this course over others for many reasons: i) the quality of teaching was superior to all i've heard about TTCS ii) empathy, love and kindness are ever present iii) individually all the people of Gaia are always so wonderful, helpful and kind. I am grateful for all the lessons and wisdom i have gained. I feel ready to teach others and deepen my yoga practice and spiritual education."
  • "A good teacher takes a hand, opens the mind and touches the heart. I can truly say that i have received this and so much more."
  • "This month opened a new universe for me to become a better version of myself and to learn how to serve others best."
  • "Coming to this TTC was one of the best decisions i have taken, the teachers, the school, the atmosphere, the contents of the course, it was just what i needed! Thank you everyone, you are all in my heart."

Gaia Yogashala Foundation

The Teachers for Spirit of Yoga

Ajay Makhija

A co-founder of Gaia Yogashala, Ajay has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits in 2011. Ajay's background spans a variety of styles, but is most strongly influenced by the yoga of Sadhguru and the Isha Yoga practices. He has also studied across a variety of disciplines including Meditation in different lineages, Buddhism, Astrology, Eastern Philosophy, Shamanism, Natural systems, Permaculture, Dance and self-development/life coaching. His passion is living Yoga in an Embodied way, and taking the practice off the mat and into everyday life.

Paula Walsh

Paula's classes and teachings combine different styles and techniques, including Iyengar yoga, mindfulness meditation and energetic and therapeutic yoga. She encourages her students to find their own intuitive yoga practice to answer and support the homeostasis (balance) of their body and mind. Incorporating the alignment of the body, she guides her students towards an inner journey of discovery and self healing.

About the Yoga School

Nestled in a corner of Koh Phangan island, Gaia Yogashala is a space of rest, peace and growth.

Through our Teacher Training courses, we offer passionate students a chance to deepen their yoga journey and establish a foundation to become Yoga Teachers themselves.

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Currently we run our TTCs in the Yoga Hall of Serenity Residences, a picturesque, beautiful and peaceful location in Haad Yao bay (Koh Phangan).