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200 hr yoga teacher training


The spirit of yoga teacher training

You are probably wondering WHY? Why does our school exist and what is the essence of The Spirit of Yoga Training? We think that’s a great way for you to dive into this journey…should you choose to embark on it.

So, what is YOGA and THE PATH OF YOGA?  The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit’s Yug, meaning Union.  There are countless ways of creating and preserving Union, and a myriad of paths fitted for different seekers.

But first – Union.  The question arises – union with what?  The answer is somewhat ineffable. Oftentimes, it is said to be a union with a Higher Power – be it God, the Universe, Source, Divinity, or the Higher Self.  While all of these are valid, we deem Union with ourselves and our everyday life/experiences to be of the most significance. The implementation of the ancient wisdom of the yoga system onto our modern-day lives enables us to reconnect with our bodies, our emotions, our true nature, and with other beings.  We would like to guide you on this journey which will unfold your true nature and enable you to live a life of wellbeing, connection, integrity, and purpose.

The Spirit of Yoga is the path that we, the founders – as humans, teachers and students, have embarked on once we have discovered that there is more out there than the ‘normal’ existence acceptable to most. At one point along our journey, the comfort zone of “normal” existence felt suffocating and the urge to live a more meaningful life became so imminent, that we’ve decided to take a leap and dive into the vast ocean of the unknown. That’s when we came in contact with yoga and experienced its deeply-healing and transforming gifts that allowed us to blossom into our fullest expression.

200 hr yoga teacher training

On koh phangan, thailand

3. June 2019 – 8.July 2019 &
21. October – 25. November 2019

Teacher profile


Selina is an internationally certified Yoga teacher with over 800h of training in Yoga.


A co-founder of Gaia Yogashala, Ajay has dedicated himself to the practice, study & teaching.


Anja is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 teacher who has studied, practiced and taught yoga around the world.


Paula is a registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy practitioner.

Yoga alliance certified

Our Yoga Alliance Certified Training marks the course as a comprehensive presentation of yoga – as therapy, as a vehicle to promote health, and a discipline providing genuine well-being. The information covered includes the requirement of asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy. You will learn about physical anatomy, and take sessions in therapeutic touch, asana alignment, individual adjustments, and much more.

The program that we put together goes beyond asana and alignment. Each of our teachers explored disciplines and energy systems beyond Yoga, including Shamanism, Breathwork, Plant Medicines, Reiki, Bodywork, Innerdance, Voicework, Dance, Astrology, and I’Ching – to mention some. All of us have a vast background in different disciplines and the energetic field of this knowledge flows through each of our teachings, which infuses and enriches our training and your experience.

As Yoga is a path of self-exploration and self-development, it is important for us to give you diverse tools and sufficient time to explore your Self. Thus, we have set aside 5 weeks instead of the customary 4. This way, we are able to share more practices and lead you to a space that allows processing, integrating, and embodying the given material.

What sets apart the spirit of yoga training?

The Spirit of Yoga offers yoga teacher trainings to committed yogis in an empowering and authentic environment. We are here to support and help you find your voice and confidence as a yoga teacher. Our main goal is to assist you to connect deeper with yourself and your unique gifts, and utilize those in your own teaching. On this yogic path of inspiration and self-empowerment, we provide you with a strong foundation in the physical aspect of yoga asana and pranayama, as our body and our breath are some of the greatest tools we have in this physical reality. We are here to support you on your journey to become confident and empowered to practice and teach yoga in a safe way – and, most importantly, in your own unique way.

The Spirit of Yoga is a non-dogmatic teacher training with a strong foundation for a mindful, conscious, breath-guided yoga practice that covers all requirements of the Yoga Alliance standards. At the same time, it is very important for us to introduce you to various modalities that focus on self-development, such as energy work, voicework, Innerdance, breathwork, and many more. This is why we take five, instead of four weeks, to share with you our most powerful tools.

Yoga has historically been taught as a system of guru-dakshina, of the student serving the guru, and the guru teaching gratis.  Certainly, we live in a very different world today, and yet – we want to retain this original Spirit as much as we can: the Spirit of making the course affordable, authentic, following the high moral principles that form the key precepts and foundation of the practice of yoga itself.  In this training, we translate the ancient wisdom of yoga into our modern-day life – the practices themselves don’t take into account how we use cell phones and technology and how they affect us, being such an integral part of our modern lives.

There are many other practices and modalities from different traditions and cultures that are all complementary to the Spirit of Yoga.  For example, Shamanism, Breathwork, Music, Chanting, Energy work, New Age traditions and many more. Between our 4 teachers, we have spent the better part of 40 years combined experience exploring many of these – and we bring together a synthesis, with a strong core of yoga, but also with much variety and systems that suit different human beings.  You will be able to identify and explore what resonates with and works best for you.

In this manner, we aim to preserve the original Spirit of yoga and integrate it with the wisdom of other traditions and newer systems into a powerful and non-dogmatic approach.  We would like for you to leave this training with a sense of empowerment and inspiration which will enable you to share your gifts from an authentic, heart-based space.

Who is this for?

The Spirit of Yoga is for those seeking a program of greater depth, meaning, and authenticity, be it your first yoga TTC or a desire to upgrade your knowledge and practice. Either way, we will be here to support you on your journey.

Our 5-weeks’ program would allow you to explore and find out “who am I, and what do I want to offer or share with the world?” Authenticity and the space for transformation is at the core of our curriculum. We do not intend to provide you with a teaching style, but rather help you discover your personal gifts and celebrate them with you. You will obtain a strong base and knowledge about asana, pranayama and the human body. Nevertheless, Yoga, for us, goes way beyond the physical experience. We will empower you to trust yourself to be authentic, know your strengths, and embrace your weaknesses. We would like for you to be able to facilitate with integrity, and hold a space that would allow others to go deep and explore the particles of the Self through energetic practices and processes that lead to expanded states of consciousness.

Our goal is to help you achieve a comfort level while teaching and standing in front of people.  Our program allows participants to start teaching from the first week onwards, as opposed to other programs that include the actual teaching during the last week.

In addition, we will guide you to free your voice and project it with ease and comfort.

Through much combined experience in training modules, we have created a program that goes above and beyond teaching yoga. Also, we integrate and offer a variety of transformational tools for an exemplar teaching style.

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